Ivanti Free 90-Day Patch License

Stop WannaCrypt and other malware with a free 90-day patch license

When a global threat like WannaCrypt comes along, it's up to all of us in cyber security to make sure we shut it down.

To help minimize its impact, until June 15, 2017, we're offering a free 90-day license for the best-in-industry patch management solution that's tailored to your system needs. Swiftly patch workstations and servers, the first line of defense against WannaCrypt, the variants to come, and other malware.

  • Update your Windows operating systems and third-party apps.
  • Easily patch third-party apps from the SCCM console with no added infrastructure or training. Given the serious nature of the WannaCrypt threat, Microsoft has released updates even for XP, Windows 8, and Server 2003. You can't patch these natively within SCCM. But we can help you with that.
  • Get patches thoroughly tested by our patch content engineers to ensure proper patch compliance.

If you've been hit by this ransomware, just answer a few, quick questions about your environment and we'll make sure we deliver the solution that's right for all your systems.

Complete the form below to request your free patch management license: