Migrate, Configure, Deploy in MINUTES!

Eliminate the time, costs and resources needed to build a full scale proof-of-concept

Ivanti's Rapid delivery platform is designed to easily migrate customer's apps to Android or Windows 10 and enhance the user experience by modernizing, voice-enabling and managing assets. Our Rapid toolset eliminates sales objections and speeds time to delivery of new mobile computers.

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Rapid Toolsets


You have decided to make the move to Android and need an easy way to easily migrate your telnet to Android.


You made the move to Android, and your workers want a graphical interface. Turn your Terminal Emulation apps into an HTML experience in minutes with Rapid.


The only SAP certified Industrial Browser in the market for rugged enterprise devices.


Have you thought about voice, but the lift is too heavy? Voice-enabled your existing telnet apps in minutes with Rapid Voice.


Need a way to manage all of your TE and Browser apps? Stand up a prod-ready system in minutes with Rapid Manage.