In 30 minutes or less, start managing your physical and virtual machines, software, patches, user privileges, and application control.
Ivanti Security Controls
(previously known as Patch for Windows)

Installation Notes:
The Ivanti Security Controls console is recommended to run on one of the following 64-bit operating systems: Server 2012 R2, Server 2016, Server 2019, or later (excluding Server Core and Nano Server). Ivanti Security Controls also requires access to a Microsoft SQL Server database (SQL Server 2008 [Full or Express Edition] or later). If you do not have a SQL Server database, the option to install SQL Express Edition is provided during the installation process. Refer to the Ivanti Security Controls Online help for the full list of system requirements.
New and existing customers should download and install Security Controls 2020.1.
If you are an existing Security Controls customer, you should perform an upgrade to Security Controls 2020.1. This will enable you to maintain your current product database and configuration data.
If you are a new Ivanti customer or an Ivanti Application Control customer who is migrating to the Application Control feature in Security Controls, you will be performing a new installation.
Although the upgrade and new installation processes are similar, there are differences. For example, if you perform an upgrade you will not be presented with the opportunity to create a new database or choose how users and services will connect to the database.
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