BlueKeep is here:
Protect Yourself from the Next WannaCry

(Current Patch for Windows customers, please click here for your free trial.)

This is not a drill! Microsoft announced a critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability and now it has a name - BlueKeep. Before it is to late, fill out the form and get a free trial of the security solutions experts agree are tailor-made to take on modern cyber attacks:
  • Discover all your Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems
  • Patch the Windows OS, 3rd-party apps, VMs, and the ESXi hypervisor
  • Patch Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the first in a series of non-Windows OSes we’ll soon support
  • Help ensure only known and trusted applications can execute on a system
  • Remove full admin rights, but easily elevate access to apps for a limited time

Not ready to fill out a form? Click below to see the latest on BlueKeep in our updated blog post from Chris Goettl.

Special 60 Day Free Trial

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